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Please send a letter in support of the Proposal submitted by the Committee for Equity in Women's Surfing.



Please include the following points in your letter to the Coastal Commission

Subject: Cartel Managment Permit Application No. 2-15-1458-A1

Oversight by the Coastal Commission is necessary to ensure that equity for women athletes includes a Women’s Division at all Mavericks events. I support a Women's Division with multiple heats, appointment of a woman to the athlete selection committee (C5), and a condition that requires equal prize money. According to the Equal Pay Act, men and women must be given equal pay for equal work in the same establishment.

The CCC should not grant a multiyear CDP until Cartel has proven themselves.

Please require the following conditions on the Coastal Development Permit (CDP):

  • Cartel Management shall include an equal Women's Division for each year that the “Titans” event is held. An equitable division means, at very least, 2 qualifying heats for female competitors with the winners of the two heats advancing to a final heat to determine the overall women's champions of the event.
  • Cartel must develop a detailed plan for a Women’s Division with multiple heats. Six women to compete in three heats in a women’s division: two semi-finals and a final, with the inclusion of six women alternates.
  • Judging criteria and heat formats would be identical for both men and women’s divisions.
  • The women’s heats should be scheduled for the time of day that will best showcase their surfing abilities.
  • The prize money for the Women's Division shall be equal to the Men's Division.
  • Cartel Management shall include at least one woman on the Committee 5. This woman shall represent female competitors and shall be chosen by female big wave competitors. In the interest of transparency and in avoidance of conflict, this female should not be a competitor.
  • Furthermore, Women’s Division sequencing should be considered annually as the sport develops. Multiyear permits do not allow for growth and do not hold the competition accountable for those changes. 

The Coastal Act provides coastal access for all. Granting a CDP to an athletic event that engages in gender discrimination is not in step with the spirit of the Coastal Act. Please include the additional conditions listed above to insure equity for women athletes. 

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Renee Ananda, Coastal Program Analyst, California Coastal Commission – North Central Coast District.


And Copy: Committee for Equity in Women's Surfing 




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