Raquel Heckert

CEWS 2019 Member

Born and raised in Niterói a city in southeast Brazil, connected to Rio de Janeiro by a bridge across Guanabara Bay.

In July 2019, Keala Kennelly invited Raquel to join CEWS. Raquel said, “I hope I can grow everyday, realize my dreams and help realize the dreams of others. I want to make small differences everyday with love.” At 26, Raquel is the youngest member of CEWS.

Raquel’s been facinated by barrels and big waves since she was 15 years old. She went of her first international surf trip to Puerto Escondido, at age 18. That first trip to Mexico was the moment she decided to travel the world surfing barrels and big waves as professional free surfer. After that trip she dedicate her life to big waves surfing and barrels. Mexico was place she could surf while saving money for a month in Hawaii. She did that a couple times with help from her grandpa. He believed in her and helped support her as best he could. Praying for strength to get through the hards times Raquel stretched the money she had, to improve her surfing. She was often nervous about contests but kept at it becuse she was determined to grow and push her limits. She participated in locals competitions and started winning.

When she was 21 years old, she went to Hawaii for the first time, four seasons ago, there she had the chance to surf more big waves and ride bigger boards. Her surfing improved quickly. Since then she has become more involved in the Oahu community and met supportive people who share her passion. 

Raquel loves big waves, getting barreled as well as maneuvering in a small waves. She would like to compete in the WSL Qualifying Series and longboard contests. To achieve this goal she needs a coach and funding to pay for international travel.

Raquel hopes for more opportunities in women’s surfing.


  • Rookie of the Year 2018, Big Wave Surf Awards - Brazil

  • 4th place - Puerto Escondido Cup, present by Monster Energy Drink ( First Woman Big Wave Contest in Mexico)

  • 3rd place at Nelscott Reef Expression Session (Oregon 2019)

  • 4th place at Puerto Escondido Cup, present by Corona.

  • WSL nominee: One of the 9th Woman’s best performance of 2018

  • Competitor of the Pe’ahi Challenge 2018

  • The youngest Big Wave Surfer in Brazil 

  • Semi Finalist of the Red Bull Barrels Contest in Mexico, by Coco Nogales

  • Participant of the Big Wave Expression Session for women at Hammer Head (North Shore, Oahu)

  • Indicated by Red Bull as one of the 10 Free Surfers to be followed on Instagram 

  • Participant of Brazilian TV Shows Canal Off (Extreme sports channel) 

  • American TV Show’s Chasing Monsters, Insight Tv Channel; and  "Your wings will grow".

  • Brazilian Documentary about the History about Women’s surfing (In Production)   

  • Appearance, first page, of Magicseaweed. “Meet Raquel Heckert: The Big Wave Charger who…” 28th March 2019

  • In Portrait: The Underground Heroes of Hawaii`s North Shore




  • Columnist for the Brazilian surf website, Rico Surf.

  • Two years of Journalism in Brazil, FACHA, Faculdade Helio Alonso.


  • Faith

  • Discipline, Commitment & Determination

  • Big Waves

  • Barrels 

  • Lifestyle model

  • No drugs, no alcohol 

  • Smiling

Big Wave Spots

  • Jaws

  • Waimea

  • Puerto Escondido

  • Mavericks

  • Oregon

  • Pico Alto, Peru