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letter to Caltrans HQs Public Affairs

May 23, 2019 

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KCBS Radio

May 15, 2019

KCBS - Keith Menconi

Advocate Raises Concerns over Gender Equity in Cycling

This year’s Amgen Tour of California known as the nation’s biggest cycling road race is now under way, but KCBS Radio reporter Keith Menconi spoke with one advocate for gender equity in sports who says it shouldn’t come back next year unless it makes a big change.

Mercury News

MAY 9, 2019

Mercury News - Elliot Almond

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The Amgen Tour: fighting for equality for women cyclists Bay Area woman who led fight for equality in surfing challenges Amgen Tour of California cycling race

In recent letters to Caltrans officials, Brennan made a pitch for the agency to withhold permits  if men and women are not treated equally. She cited the Unruh Act, which outlaws discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship and other categories for all California businesses. Brennan and women surfers made similar arguments last year, when urging the State Lands Commission and the California Coastal Commission to reject permit applications by the World Surf League to hold the Mavericks big-wave contest near Half Moon Bay.

World Surf League officials announced a few months later that they would pay competitors equally in all  their events — a move they maintained had been planned all along.

Brennan, who lives in Moss Beach, said in an interview that in response to her letters, she had been told by a Caltrans representative that the agency did not control the events it allows to use the roadways. Her reply, she said, was to ask if the agency would “permit a race with seven days for white men and three days for black men.”

Brennan said people often don’t recognize gender-based discrimination because it is socially ingrained.

Cycling News

May 7, 2019

Cycling News - Kirsten Frattini

Push to change roadway permits could force equality at Tour of California

letter to the Director of Caltrans

May 6, 2019

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KQED Radio

May 1, 2019

KQED News - Peter Jon Shuler

Interview on KQED Radio regarding Sport Equity’s complaint against Caltrans regarding gender-based discrimination on California State roadways. 

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